Finance / Administration

Our package for carefree business operation

Our Finance & Administration Division comprises the Controlling, Accounting, Human Resources, Training and Information Technology Departments.

The Controlling Department supports objective-based planning and control of the company's development (pilot function), making results, processes and strategies transparent. Our controllers are partners to the decision-makers, working with them to ensure that complex corporate decisions have an economically sound basis. Another task of this department is the training for competent business specialists and managers. The department's overall goal is to ensure sustained profitability of the company.

The Finance and Accounting Department is in charge of mapping business processes according to accounting regulations and responsible for the finances and financial accounts of the Klüber Group. Its aim is to provide decision-makers with a realistic view of the financial, profit and liquidity situation of the Klüber Group. The department mainly deals with financial management and reporting. Tasks include currency and working capital management. Additionally, we focus on value-oriented indicators to contribute to sustainable corporate development. With the aim of developing the future executives and specialists of the Klüber Group, we also focus on the professional and personal development of our staff.

The objective of Human Resources (HR) is to attract, develop and retain the best employees who build our business all over the world. We support our management in all HR relevant decision making processes, provide state-of-the-art HR know-how and drive for securing the business growth by applying well defined HR processes. We make sure that our corporate culture is revealing our guiding principles as well as the proudness of belonging to an outstanding company.

Training is a vital element of our human resources policy. After all, it is our employees who, besides their personality and creativity, must be provided with the competences they need for our products. Our Training Department coaches them on everything they need to know of our speciality lubricants. Similarly, our customers can also attend seminars on the techniques of lubrication so that they are enabled to make a qualified product selection.

Since our employees worldwide rely on a serviceable IT infrastructure, we have our own IT experts. We use state-of-the-art information technology providing an integrated network for R&D, production and sales. Our in-house consultants support the activities of computing centres and networks and ensure that the current requirements of Klüber Lubrication are continuously met by increasing performance.