What our IT clerk trainees say

Personal views

Fully integrated into Klüber Lubrication business operations from the start.

The training programme
In the first week of our training, it was primarily the more advanced trainees and the team of trainers who took care of us. We met the other trainees in our group and were provided with ample information on our training programme in the company. In the second week, we were already assigned to different departments.

Future IT clerks normally begin their training in the IT support group. In this department, we get involved in helping colleagues with hardware or software problems. As we work frequently in telephone support, we learn quickly how to ask callers the right questions and provide relief immediately, as far as possible. Of course, we also work in other teams of the IT departments, e.g. the so-called EAS team dealing, among other things, with databases.

We also get to know important departments doing commercial work, e.g. Purchasing, Production, Logistics, Marketing and Sales. We request offers, compare them and generate order lists. This provides us with experience along the company's value-added chain.

Prior to the intermediate and final exams, there are special preparatory classes. We study for the exams in the company, plus we get a chance to attend external preparatory classes.

Our training is highly varied, and the enjoyment is further heightened by the many nice colleagues one works with. We've really turned our hobby into our profession!