What our chemical lab assistant trainees say

Personal views

Developing new lubricants for specific applications and seeing them through to the production stage.

Basic training
The first two months of our training at Klüber Lubrication revolve around learning the basics. We get an idea of the scope of a lab assistant's work and acquire the first laboratory skills. Several trainers from different departments work with us on different subjects every day.

Each day starts with theoretical background before we use the newly gained knowledge in practical work. For example, we give different shapes to glass tubes by melting and cutting them for use in specific tests.

In these first few weeks of our training we become familiar with almost all the lab equipment and learn how to use it. When basic training is almost done, we get a chance to make our first own speciality lubricant, a grease, and check its properties in various tests.

The training programme
During the three years of our training, we get to work in nearly all lab sections. This includes in particular Research and Development, Analytics, Quality Inspection and the Test Bay.

The primary job of a chemical lab assistant at Klüber Lubrication is the development of new lubricants for specific applications, seeing them through to the production stage and then safeguarding a high quality level. This wide range of interesting activities ensures that training is highly varied. The enjoyment is further heightened by the many nice colleagues one works with.

Along with training in the company, we attend vocational school to get prepared for the theoretical and practical work in the lab. Klüber Lubrication helps us getting prepared for school grading as well as the exams by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce by arranging special days of studying and practical exercises in the lab. We are also allowed to attend external preparatory classes for the practical exam.

All these elements make the training at Klüber Lubrication very comprehensive, ensuring we get excellently prepared for our future careers. Furthermore, we meet many nice colleagues and make new friends here, a fact which makes our training a very pleasant experience.