IT clerk

Bits, bytes and megabytes.

If your heart's in computers, training to become an IT clerk at Klüber Lubrication will be to your liking.

However, computers won't be the only things you see during your training: fascinating commercial processes in the company are also part of the program.

During the two or two and a half years of your training, you will be familiarised with all IT sub-disciplines in our large IT department. You will not only learn all there is to know about networks and information systems but take part in actually developing new software.

When done with your training, you will even master the tasks of a project manager! For project management in particular it is essential to comprehend economic repercussions, which is why Klüber Lubrication will take you through its major business-related departments and their processes.

Professional Training is only offered in the Klüber Lubrication Headquaters in Munich and in Switzerland, therefore German language skills are mandatory.