Industrial clerk

Know and understand commercial activities

Organising and structuring activities from purchasing to the selling of finished products - these are the core tasks of an industrial clerk.

This may sound simpler than it is, but it's fun nevertheless! If you like demanding work processes and wish to not only know but thoroughly understand commercial activities, Klüber is the company for you!

Purchasing, logistics, production, marketing, sales ... - during the two or two and a half years of training at Klüber Lubrication you will pass through a number of different departments. This will provide you with a first-hand glance of the individual work steps and get you to know the processes and how things in the company are interrelated.

For this training option, expect anything but a monotonous job. On the contrary, you're in for demanding and vibrant tasks making you play an active part in our company's activities.

The wide scope of this training option enables you, upon completion, to work in a vast variety of jobs in an industrial company.

Professional Training is only offered in the Klüber Lubrication Headquaters in Munich and in Switzerland, therefore German language skills are mandatory.