Rapidly biodegradable and Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs)

Powerful, naturally!

The marine environment is precious and worth preserving and will only survive in the long term if we treat it with respect and care. With our environmentally sound speciality lubricants, functionality and environmental compatibility is provided without contradiction.

The preservation of our unique ecosystem is particularly important to us. Our speciality lubricants not only reduce operating costs, they are also less harmful to the environment than conventional lubricants based on mineral oil. It makes sense to use rapidily biodegradable lubricants to make a small contribution to the lasting protection of the seas.

As a shipowner you are subject to ever stricter environmental protection regulations. Klüber Lubrication EAL lubricants comply with the standard for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants as defined in Appendix A of the 2013 Vessel General Permit issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Our range of Klüberbio products offers speciality lubricants compatible with the environment while providing excellent wear protection: high performance and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive.

Selected environmental-friendly greases
Klüberbio LG 39-700 N / 701 N (EAL)
Klüberbio AG 39-602 (EAL)
Klüberbio AM 92-142 (EAL)
Klüberbio BM 32-142 (EAL)
Klüberbio AM 12-501 (EAL)

Selected environmental-friendly oils
Klüberbio RM 2-100 / 150 (EAL)
Klüberbio EG 2-68 / 100 / 150 / 320 (EAL)
Klüberbio LR 9-32 / 46 / 68 (EAL)

Should you require further details or indeed a specific lubrication solution please do not hesitate to contact us.