Klübermatic lubricant dispensers

Automatic lubrication: the right lubricant at the right point at the right time

Besides our speciality lubricants, we also offer systems for automatic lubrication of your maritime equipment to ensure you always have the right lubricant at the right point at the right time.

Automatic lubrication allows you to reduce planned maintenance intervals and the required manhours to a minimum. Lubricant dispensers of the Klübermatic series ensure reliable, clean and precise lubricant metering around the clock for periods up to 12 months.

Klübermatic FLEX is particularly suitable for lubrication points that are difficult to access, e.g. friction points on life boat davits, cranes or electric motor and fan bearings in the machine room. You can select a dispensing period between 1 and 12 months. Klübermatic FLEX is available in volumes of 60 cm³ and 125 cm³.

For further information, please refer to our brochure "We have a system for effective lubrication".

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