Chemical industry

Using the right lubricant to increase machine availability

Extreme conditions require special solutions. We have therefore developed speciality lubricants for the chemical industry which withstand high pressure, high temperatures and aggressive media. This helps you increase the availability of your production equipment and at the same time save costs.

Many processes in the chemical industry require only standard lubricants. However, if gas compressors, industrial valves and fittings or rolling bearings, e.g. in centrifuges or driers, are operated in contact with aggressive media, normal greases or oils are no longer sufficient. For such applications we have developed special lubricants based on PFPE/PTFE, which maintain their full performance even when subjected to extreme conditions. Thus incidental relubrication beyond the scheduled maintenance intervals is no longer necessary and the availability as well as the economic efficiency of your plant increases.

The right lubricant for your applications

Many chemical processes involve gases of varying compositions. The composition of a gas, however, has a decisive influence on the selection of the right lubricating oil to avoid reactions between the gas and the lubricant. KlüberConsult service analyses your specific requirements and the media used to provide you with competent advice in the selection of the right lubricant. Just contact us via our contact page.

Automatic lubrication of difficult to access lubrication points

Your chemical installations require lubrication at regular intervals, including points which are difficult to access. For such applications our automatic lubricant dispensers ensure reliable metering of the required quantity (Klübermatic Nova).

Your benefits at a glance:

  • High resistance to media and pressure along with high thermal stability increasing uptime
  • Extended service life of the lubricated components, reducing maintenance interventions and spares inventory
  • Improved efficiency of your installation, resulting in energy savings
Reliable lubrication of  screw connections

Klüberpaste HS 91-21 was especially developed for applications in oil refineries. The easy-to-spread assembly paste is based on an innovative combination of solid lubricants which shows an excellent separating effect on materials with a tendency to fretting, e.g. V2A, V4A  and high-temperature steel. Due to its high degree of purity in terms of sulphur, chlorine, fluorine and heavy metals, the paste does not react with metal surfaces, thus protecting the screw connection.

Calculation of the tightening torque:

Formula for calculating the tightening torque with metric threads

(tightening torque in Nm)
The tightening torque may vary depending on the material of the screw, the tightening speed, etc. Therefore, this formula can only be used to calculate approximate values. In any case, the specific tightening torque should either be determined by experiment according to ISO 16047 or exactly according to VDI 2230, taking into consideration all the factors. The calculation of the diameter in our formula only refers to flat contact surfaces.

(1) For the friction values of Klüberpaste HS 91-21, see the product information leaflet

Source: Dubbel and Rolof Matek
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