Speciality lubricants for powertrain

Lubricants used in vicinity of engine and transmission, as well as lubricants for driveshafts are subject to a wide variety of requirements. Near the engine, temperatures can reach more than 200 °C, while aggressive degradation products accumulate in intake and exhaust systems.

We help you overcome these challenges, for example with high-temperature and blow-by resistant speciality lubricants.

Our customers
Audi, BMW, Bosch, Continental, Daimler, Delphi, Denso, DURA, ECS, Ford, FTE automotive, GAT, General Motors, GETRAG, GKN, GMB, Himmermann, Hyundai/KIA, Litens, Magneti Marelli, Mahle, Mazda, Mubea, NSK, NTN, PHA, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Scania, Schaeffl er, SEAT, Telefl ex, Toyota, TRW, Valeo, Voith, Volkswagen, Volvo, ZF

Product approvals
Bosch FS 18570-Ft, Bosch VS 10832-Ft, Bosch VS 18099-Ft, Brembo D1.04.18.000, Chrysler MS9958, Daimler DBL 6817.00, Daimler DBL 6827.31, Daimler DBL 6834.00, Ford ESA-M1C194-A, Ford ESDM1C220- A, Ford ESF-M1C 43-A2, Ford WSD-M138P8A1, Ford WSD-M1C244-A, Opel B 0400043, Opel B 0400571, Opel B 0400882,Opel B 0401122, Opel B 0401138, Porsche 999.917.791.00, PSA B 71 3841, PSA X 10 1, PSA X 71 3100, PSA X 71 3102, PSA X 71 3134, Toyota TSK2520G, Toyota TSK2524G, VW-TL 52112, VW-TL 52141, VW-TL 52142, VW-TL 52147, VW-TL 52150, VW-TL52172, VW-TL 52528, VW-TL 751, VW-TL 760, VW-TL 767 X, VW-TL 776, VW-TL 778, ZF LMN 304

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