Speciality lubricants for interior

Noise damping and top-quality haptics are in focus when it comes to the interior, where e.g. regulators and knobs must move smoothly. Morever, the interior should be free of unpleasant odours to create a first-rate impression. Our range of odouroptimised damping greases is carefully tuned to meet such requirements.

Comfort through silence

The development of quieter internal combustion engines, improved insulating materials and smooth-running, low-noise tyres – all this has contributed towards fewer noises from outside penetrating into the car interior.

This means that squeaking, creaking and rattling noises, frequently caused by what is called the stick-slip effect, are clearly audible to the vehicle’s occupants. Design engineers are thus faced with the challenges involved in creating a car interior that minimises noise levels. The transition to electric drive trains will render the requirements concerned even more exacting.

Using speciality lubricants from Klüber Lubrication enables the stick-slip effect to be minimised and noise levels to be perceptibly reduced.

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Haptic quality

Not only in the premium segment, but throughout all vehicle classes, today’s automobile purchasers expect an upmarket look and feel. The special damping lubricants from Klüber Lubrication help the OEMs and their component suppliers to create an upmarket tactile feedback. In applications like seat adjusters, central armrests, cup-holders, rotary controls and knobs and numerous others in the car interior, the damping lubricants have been used for many years. When developing its products, Klüber Lubrication attaches particular priority to long useful lifetimes. Our speciality lubricants for car interiors are designed for lifetime lubrication in the applications concerned.

Emissions and odours

Over the course of years, plastics and textiles that exhibit high fogging and unpleasant odours have been banished from car interiors. Nowadays, the automakers consciously seek out materials that are low on emissions, so that their customers are protected from harmful emissions.

Klüber Lubrication offers a multiplicity of lubricants that have been classified as odour-neutral under VDA 270 and by leading automakers. With our multifaceted in-house testing options, and our collaborative arrangements with front-ranking independent institutes, we assure odour-neutrality.

Compatibility with polymers

Hand in hand with continual design-enhancement of the car interior, a multiplicity of new plastics are appearing on the market. In the event of unfavourable material pairings, reactions like swelling, absorption or stress crack formation may occur. By selecting the right lubricant, these unwanted reactions are avoided.

With its many years of expertise in the field of material compatibility, Klüber Lubrication assists its customers in choosing the right lubricant. Our team of experts can also conduct in-house compatibility tests.


Our customers

Automotive OEMs
Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai/Kia, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Volkswagen, and others

Tier 1 component suppliers
Autoliv, BHTC, Bosch, Brose, DAS, Faurecia, Ficosa, Grammer, Hella, Johnson Controls, Kern-Liebers, Kostal, L&P Automotive, Lear, Magna, Niles Parts, NMB, NSK, Schukra, Sitech, TRW, Valeo

Product approvals

As a producer of speciality lubricants, Klüber Lubrication offers a wide choice of products that have been approved according to specifications and test standards of the OEMs.

Chrysler MS 9958, Daimler DBL 6827.40, Ford WSBM1C160- D2, Ford WSD-M1C234-A2, Ford WSD-M1C244-A, Ford WSS-M99C123-A, Opel B 0400858, Opel B 0400882, Opel B 0401122, Opel B 0401138, PSA B 71 3841, Toyota TSK2521G, VW-TL 52147, VW-TL 751, VW-TL 778 A, VW-TL 778 B

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