Noise reduction

Noise reduction in the car interior using PFPE oils

Every point of contact in a material pairing bears the risk of generating creaking and squeaking noises during operation. This risk can be reduced by the targeted use of colorless specialty lubricants.

PC/ABS, chrome trims and plastic/leather material pairings are particularly susceptible to stick-slip. Increasing electrification and requirements of car purchasers for a noise-free car interior pose new challenges both to suppliers and OEMs.

The product series Klüberalfa MR 3 eliminates such noises. These fluids can be applied directly by the TIER1 supplier when manufacturing the assembly. They can also be used as anti-creak agents in the aftersales and service business at the OEM to handle customer complaints. Klüberalfa MR 3 fluids can be easily sprayed onto the component leaving an invisible lubricating film after a couple of seconds, which reduces the stick-slip effect and prevents noise generation.

Klüberalfa MR 3 products are based on a PFPE base oil which is neutral towards most materials in the car interior.

In our video you can see the effect our product has on the stick-slip behaviour, thus reducing noise in the car interior.

Klüberalfa MR 3 is available in three viscosities for an optimum performance in your application. The products can also be provided with a UV indicator to automatically check correct application.

For further information on the product series Klüberalfa MR 3, please contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with more detailed advice.

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