Klübertop TP 46-111

Article-No: 099173 Clean and dry surface with lubricating effect lifetime resistance to wear when subjected to low to medium loads, lubricant firmly incorporated no contamination by fluid lubricant no “sticking“ during automated assembly Lower costs and less space needed for processing Klübertop TP 46-111 is water-miscible, no VOC filter systems needed cost-efficient mass coating and coating of small parts possible owing to the thermosetting system Higher component performance low friction coefficient prevents stick-slip delayed tribocorrosion excellent corrosion protection on phosphated substrate good chemical resistance

Klübertop TP 46-111 is a thermosetting, black bonded coating based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and an organic, water-dilutable binder.

Klübertop TP 46-111 is a ready-to-use fluid containing water as a solvent.

Once applied, this bonded coating dries rapidly, once hardened it ensures good resistance to wear and chemicals, a low friction coefficient, no stick-slip at low speeds and excellent corrosion protection on phosphated surfaces. Its resistance to oils and greases is good.

Adhesion to metals and various plastics is good.

Klübertop TP 46-111

Benefits for your application

Water-miscible, thermo-setting PTFE-based bonded coating for low to medium loads

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