Klübersynth M 115-01

Article-No: 094079 Synthetic special greases for ball joints in suspension components

Klübersynth M 115-01 and Klübersynth M 115-04 consist of fully synthetic base oils that are mixed with a lithium soap thickener using a special technique. These greases contain substances that increase their resistance to ageing and offer excellent corrosion protection on steel surfaces. Special additives and manufacturing methods increase the product's adhesion on steel and plastic surfaces, improve the dampening effect between the friction bodies and reduce breakaway and motion torques in ball joints. These greases were developed with a particular focus on the reduction of stick-slip.

Klübersynth M 115-01 has been optimized in terms of low motion and breakaway torques at ambient temperature and at 80 °C, while Klübersynth M 115-04 aims primarily at a stable service temperature range and problem-free function at low temperatures.

Interaction between Klübersynth M 115-01 and Klübersynth M 115-04 and commonly used sealing materials such as chlorobutadiene rubber (CR) are within the narrow limits specified by the automotive industry and its suppliers. Still compatibility with the elastomers and plastics to be used should be tested prior to series application.

Klübersynth M 115-01

Benefits for your application

  • Specialty greases tried and tested in series application

    • positive experience with applications minimizes risk

  • Low breakaway and motion torques even after 24 hours of standstill

    • smooth motion right from the start

  • High corrosion protection also under influence of artificial seawater

    • no increase in surface roughness and wear

  • Reduction of stick-slip in the joints

    • constant motion when operated by hand or power-controlled drive

  • Approvals by car manufacturers and suppliers

    • less testing required

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