Klübersynth CEH 2-100

Article-No: 002142 High-temperature chain oil

Klübersynth CEH 2-100 is a high-temperature (HT) chain oil containing selected EP/AW additives for reliable lubrication.

Klübersynth CEH 2-100

Benefits for your application

  • Lubrication with Klübersynth CEH 2-100 prevents stick-slip also under high load conditions, enabling consistent product quality, e.g. in the insulating materials industry

  • Constant power consumption of chain drives due to reduced friction coefficient, ensuring reliable line operation. Costly production stoppages due to unwanted power increases can be avoided

  • Continuous relubrication combined with reduced consumption at high temperatures due to the low evaporation of the ester oil type used. Reduced maintenance costs due to less residues, which show good solubility

  • Good wear protection at high temperatures supporting attainment of the expected chain life, leading to reduced spare parts and labour costs

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