Klüberplus C2 K2 Ultra Dry

Article-No: 049006 Conveyor belt lubricant for carton packages in the beverage industry

As a conveyor operator, you are looking for a lubricant enabling you to reduce lubricant consumption quantities while reducing the cleaning effort and improving hygiene.

Klüberplus C2 K2 Ultra Dry is based on a modern set of ingredients to satisfy these requirements. The cleaning effort can be considerably reduced when using Klüberplus C2 K2 Ultra Dry.

In contrast to customary conveyor belt lubricants, Klüberplus C2 K2 Ultra Dry is a homogeneous solution in which dissolved matter cannot separate off. This helps prevent deposits (residues) on the conveyor belts as well as in the application systems. Nozzles will not clog. There is no need to fit an agitator as no substances will deposit at the bottom.

Klüberplus C2 K2 Ultra Dry is made without perfluorinated substances (PTFE), leading to less waste water contamination. It also helps to help prevent lime deposits on the conveyor belt and damage to the bottom corners of the carton packages.

According to a safety assessment by the accredited Fabes Institute, Klüberplus C2 K2 Ultra Dry can be used as a conveyor belt lubricant in the dairy industry.

The use of Klüberplus C2 K2 Ultra Dry also increases process reliability. It leads to dry floors, the prevention of aerosol formation during lubricant application, less waste water contamination as well as savings in operating expenses (water, cleaning agent, spare parts).

Klüberplus C2 K2 Ultra Dry

Benefits for your application

  • Better hygiene status and reduced cleaning effort due to prevention of residue formation on conveyor belts and in application systems

  • Reduced operating costs due to lower water and detergent consumption

  • Reliable line operation due to very good, constant lubricant wetting of the conveyor belt

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