KlüberMonitor-Grease Cond.Analysis 1

Article-No: 999524 Laboratory analysis for used grease condition analysis

  • Green tick: The grease condition is within the permissible limits and it is fit for further use.

  • Yellow question mark: The quality of the grease is within tolerable limits but shows deviations from the ideal condition. Machine inspection or general monitoring is strongly recommended. A recommendation for further action, e.g. a repeated analysis, is also made.

  • Red "X": The grease is no longer fit for use. A grease change should be performed.

KlüberMonitor-Grease Cond.Analysis 1

Benefits for your application

  • Reliability

    • The Grease Condition Analysis describes the current condition of a grease

    • Product expertise at Klüber Lubrication, professional interpretation of results

  • Highly effective

    • Regular analyses reduce failure risk of expensive components or systems

    • Useful life of components is maximised

  • Convenience of use

    • Kit for sampling and dispatch; standardised, compact and comprehensible report including recommendations

  • Structured system

    • Test results promptly after receipt

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