Klüberbeta VA 97-75003 G

Article-No: 022262 Premium multi-purpose valve lubricant and sealant for oil & gas applications

We offer you speciality solutions for your oil and gas production needs. Acknowledged as the global market leader in speciality lubricants, Klüber Lubrication is a trusted partner in many industries worldwide. We offer you a portfolio of over 2000 speciality lubricants designed to perform in the harshest conditions, many of them approved by leading OEMs. Klüber Lubrication has, for over 85 years, continually provided greater product durability, delivered higher energy efficiencies and is increasingly called upon to solve the most challenging lubrication problems of modern-day equipment when traditional solutions fail. Klüberbeta VA 97-75003 G is a special grease formulated from a unique blend of silicone oils to provide maximum resistance to hydrocarbons even over a wide operating temperature range.

With its excellent adhesion to surfaces and resistance to media, Klüberbeta VA 97-75003 G is not susceptible to washout and helps extend operating time of valves and fittings.

The firm consistency of the grease ensures a good sealing effect and a uniform pressure distribution in your production plant.

Presence of graphite enhances the sealing capabilities and the smooth operation of valves under high loads. Unlike MoS2, graphite does not accelerate corrosion, especially in presence of water.

Klüberbeta VA 97-75003 G

Benefits for your application

  • Excellent performance in extreme conditions

    • Resistance to media such as hydrocarbons, water, steam, drilling mud, diesel fuel, fracking fluids & sour service

  • Reduces maintenance due to

    • exceptional adhesion, good wear protection and superior load carrying capacity

    • excellent long-term stability even when exposed to high temperatures

    • high resistance to oxidation

    • neutral behaviour towards numerous metals, elastomers and plastics

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