Klüberalfa MRA 3-500

Article-No: 090243 Universal sliding fluid for the reduction of friction and creaking noises

Do you need to protect plastic/plastic friction points and elastomers against wear and attain low friction coefficients over a long time and across a wide temperature range? Or maybe you are a car manufacturer who is repeatedly confronted with the need to prevent creaking noises (NVH requirements). Klüberalfa MRA 3-500 was especially developed for the minimum-quantity lubrication of plastic and elastomer components, protecting them against wear and premature ageing. Moreover, Klüberalfa MRA 3-500 will help you prevent undesirable creaking noises that are often generated where plastic components have dynamic contact.

With its specific additive package, Klüberalfa MRA 3-500 ensures optimal wetting of many materials used in car interiors.

Klüberalfa MRA 3-500 is compatible with most elastomers and plastics, making it the obvious choice for applications in many industrial sectors. The solvent contained enables straightforward and low-cost application. The thin lubricant film of nearly dry aspect remaining on the surface prevents the settling of dust or dirt as well as the contamination of other components or clothes with the lubricant.

Klüberalfa MRA 3-500

Benefits for your application

  • Improved component performance

    • due to optimised surface wetting

    • due to low friction forces in numerous - especially plastic/plastic - material combinations

    • due to noise-damping effect and optimised sliding

  • and exclusive haptic properties provided by nearly dry lubricant film

  • Optimisation of the manufacturing process

    • due to simple, safe low-cost application

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