Klüber Tyreno Fluid 12/25HV

Article-No: 130042 High operational reliability in vacuum pumps due to exceptionally low oil vapour pressure very low tendency to thermal ageing good chemical stability against aggressive media

Klüber Tyreno Fluids have been designed to meet the special requirements of modern vacuum pumps. Klüber Tyreno Fluids 3/6 HV, 6/14 HV, 12/25HV are perfluorinated polyether oils (PFPE) which are available in different viscosities and show particularly high chemical stability.

They can be used whenever aggressive media must be pumped (e.g. oxygen, halogens) and / or high-vacuum conditions (e.g. multiple-stage pumps) prevail. Klüber Tyreno Fluids offer high resistance to a wide range of chemicals.

Klüber Tyreno Fluid 12/25HV

Benefits for your application

High-performance vacuum pump oils for fine- and high-vacuum applications

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