Klüberlub BVH 71-461

Cod. articolo: 020506 Lubricating grease for extreme requirements Efficient at increased temperatures, vibrations and shock loads Resistant to ageing and oxidation Good protection against wear Good anticorrosion properties High pressure absorption capacity Resistant to aggressive media Good sealing effect Has proven effective in coke oven gas valves

Klüberlub BVH 71-461 is a special lubricating grease based on mineral oil/synthetic hydrocarbon oil/polyurea. It has a wide service temperature range and is suitable for rolling bearings up to a service temperature of 160 °C.

Klüberlub BVH 71-461 ensures excellent wear protection, and its EP additives provide a high pressure absorption capacity.

It is very adhesive and resistant to water under static and dynamic loads.

Klüberlub BVH 71-461 is also particularly resistant to oxidation and ageing and reliably protects against corrosion. It has an especially high sealing effect in coke oven valves.

Klüberlub BVH 71-461

Vantaggi per la tua applicazione

High-temperature lubricating grease for bearings and valves


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