Klüberalfa BHR 53-402

Cod. articolo: 090070 Higher equipment availability and reduced maintenance at very high operating temperatures up to 260 °C due to good corrosion protection due to improved wear protection Cost-efficient and eco-friendly product due to lifetime lubrication as equipment can be cleaned without use of fluorine-containing solvent

You are looking for a rolling bearing grease offering good corrosion and wear protection for use also at high temperatures?

Klüberalfa BHR 53-402 is a high-temperature long-term grease based on perfluorinated polyether oils. Due to its special thickener, it can be removed from components without the use of fluorine-containing solvents.

Klüberalfa BHR 53-402 is neutral towards plastics and elastomers and can thus be used with a variety of materials.

Klüberalfa BHR 53-402

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High-temperature long-term lubricating grease


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