Klübersynth GE 6-320

Número do artigo: 096150 Synthetic high-performance gear oil

Klübersynth GE 6-320 is a synthetic high-performance gear oil based on polyglycol satisfying the growing requirements and increasing power density of modern gears. Klübersynth GE 6-320 is based on especially high-grade raw materials and advanced additives, enabling maximum performance in the lubrication of all gear components.

Klübersynth GE 6-320 clearly exceeds CLP requirements according to DIN 51517-3. Corresponding gears can be switched to Klübersynth GE 6-320 without prior consultation with the gear manufacturer provided the general application notes are observed.

Klübersynth GE 6-320 offers high scuffing load capacity. Gears are sufficiently protected against scuffing even at extremely high peak loads, vibrations or oscillations, or if no running-in was performed. The excellent wear protection of both gears and rolling bearings ensures that the service life calculated for the lubricated components is achieved, leading to lower maintenance and repair costs. The oil's high micropitting resistance of GFT ≥ 10 according to FVA 54/7 offers sufficient protection to gears that are subject to high loads and would normally be susceptible to this type of damage.

Klübersynth GE 6-320 offers a much longer service life than mineral oils due to the excellent ageing and oxidation resistance of the selected raw materials; thus service intervals can be extended and maintenance costs reduced. In certain applications, even lifetime lubrication is possible. The product's low foaming tendency and anti-corrosive properties enable problem-free gear operation. Freudenberg seals made of 72 NBR 902, 75 FKM 585, 75 FKM 260466 and 75 FKM 170055 are resistant to Klübersynth GE 6-320. Oil leakage leading to contamination is prevented.

The excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour supports the formation of a sufficient lubricant film across a wide service temperature range, even at elevated and high temperatures.

The optimised friction behavior of Klübersynth GE 6-320 enabled by the carefully selected base oils based on polyglycol reduces power loss and improves gear efficiency.

By using Klübersynth GE 6-320 you can benefit from a number of advantages that will help you save costs easily and efficiently. We look forward to hearing from you.

Klübersynth GE 6-320

Benefícios para sua aplicação

  • High scuffing protection

  • Good wear protection for gears and rolling bearings

  • High micropitting resistance

  • Good shear stability for reliable lubricant film formation

  • Excellent ageing and oxidation resistance

  • Wide service temperature range due to good viscosity-temperature behaviour

  • Low foaming tendency

  • Energy savings due to optimised friction behaviour

  • Good elastomer compatibility

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