Klüberfluid C-F 1 Ultra

Número do artigo: 039074 Operational lubricant for open drives

Klüberfluid C-F 1 Ultra is a mineral oil based aluminium stearate saponified service lubricant especially designed for splash or circular lubrication. It contains special graphite as a solid lubricant, is highly resistant to pressure, and contains anti-wear additives as well as corrosion inhibitors. This lubricant can be used down to temperatures of -15 °C.

Klüberfluid C-F 1 Ultra is a non-Newtonian fluid free from bitumen, solvents, heavy metals, and chlorine.

In accordance with AGMA 251.02, Klüberfluid C-F 1 Ultra is classified among the "Special Compounds" (sect. 3.4). The specifications of table 6, "Extreme Pressure Gear Lubricants", are fully satisfied.

Klüberfluid C-F 1 Ultra

Benefícios para sua aplicação

  • Service lubricant for open drives with splash or circular lubrication

  • Suitable for low operating temperatures (-15 °C)

  • Free from heavy metals, solvents, bitumen, and chlorine

  • Easy application

  • Optimum tooth face protection

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