Klüber Summit HVR 150

Número do artigo: 050164 Wide temperature range improving productivity as a result of the high viscosity index and low pour point Reduction in high oil carryover/consumption due to the improved gas release and anti-foam properties Reliable production process due to high resistance to thinning by hydrocarbon gases Low residue formation leading to low operating costs due to long oil filter and oil separator lifetimes

Klüber Summit HVR 150 is a synthetic oil based on polyglycol for the lubrication of screw-type compressors. It was especially developed to reduce high oil consumption and prevent compressor shutdowns due to gas entrainment. The use of Klüber Summit HVR 150 can thus support the reliable and efficient operation of your screw-type compressor. Being resistant to thinning out by hydrocarbon dilution, the product maintains the required operating viscosity. This contributes to significantly longer oil change intervals and component life. For the reliable operation of your compressor, Klüber Summit HVR 150 is formulated with an additive package providing reliable protection against oxidation and corrosion also with gases containing hydrogen sulfide.

Klüber Summit HVR 150

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Synthetic oil for natural gas rotary screw compressors

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