Número do artigo: 099201 Two-component, thermosetting bonded coating for long component life

FLUOROPAN 340 NP A/B is a thermosetting, black-colored high-performance bonded coating made up of two component parts. It has an organic binder containing PTFE as the solid lubricant.

FLUOROPAN 340 NP A/B is supplied in liquid form and contains an inflammable solvent mixture (former hazard class A II ).

Once applied and hardened, the bonded coating ensures high wear resistance, long service life, wide service temperature range, low friction coefficients, stick-slip free sliding at low speeds and good corrosion protection.


Benefícios para sua aplicação

  • High reliability and long service life of components

    • lifetime lubrication due to excellent abrasion resistance

    • highly resistant when subjected to medium loads and corrosive media

    • excellent wear protection under tribological stress

    • for dry running or in combination with greases and oils

  • Clean and dry surface with lubricating effect

    • no contamination by fluid lubricant

    • no sticking of lubricated components during automated assembly

    • lubricant firmly incorporated in the friction point

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