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Textile Klübersynth 80 KV Cuts Maintenance Costs With 3-Year Oil Change Interval Klübersynth 80 KV oil cuts weaving-machine gear oil maintenance costs with long-lasting polyglycol base oil formulation.

Klübersynth 80 KV oil uses a long-lasting polyglycol base oil formulation to extend weaving-machine oil change intervals up to 20,000 hours. The oil is exclusively recommended for the lubrication of gears, bearings and other sliding friction points in R9500 weaving machines from ITEMA.


  • Optimize service life with oil change intervals every 20,000 operating hours, leading to lower operating costs and higher efficiency
  • Preserves gears and other lubricated components against scuffing during peak loads
  • Provides excellent viscosity even at elevated or high machine temperatures

See how Klübersynth 80 KV can significantly save maintenance time.

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