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Mining Repair Lubricant Restores Damaged Tooth Flanks During Operation Challenge / Solution / Results


In 2010, Klüber Lubrication was contacted by a Quebec cement operator that had significant scuffing and pitting on its double pinion kiln drive. With no spare gears on hand and a six-month lead time for a new gear set, they were eager to see what a lubricant could do to address the problem. The alternative was costly lost production and diversion of manpower to repair the damage.


Over the course of a 24-hour period, the lubrication system ran on “continuous operation” with a running-in lubricant. Simultaneously, a repair lubricant — Klüberfluid D-F 1 Ultra — was applied using manual spray equipment connected to a pneumatic system. The lubricant contains specially developed compounds that subject metallic surfaces to mechanical, chemical and corrosive wear. The manual spray equipment applied the repair lubricant in larger quantities to the bearing pinion flanks and the gear rim so that the lubricant was distributed evenly over the tooth flanks. The repair lubricant wore off damaged material. After the process of material removal began, repair lubricant was supplied in smaller amounts to correct elevations on the tooth flank profile.


The repair lubricant made it possible to restore damaged tooth flank surfaces while continuing operation. At the end of the procedure, the scuffing and pitting damages were smoothed, the contact ratio was improved from 50% to 90%, and the temperature differential was reduced on both pinions to less than 1°F.

After a 28-day period of using a running-in lubricant, the kiln was switched to transparent Klüberfluid C-F 3 Ultra lubricant. Now, five years later, the same gear set is still in operation.

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