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Mining & Cement Reduce Your Mine’s Environmental Impact with Biodegradable Lubricant Options

If a mining environment officer asks for ideas to reduce their mining operation’s environmental impact, a good solution may be biodegradable lubricants.

In countries around the world, there is a concern that spilled lubricants can leach into ground water and contaminate aquifers, streams and lakes. For example, Canadian lake regions occasionally require mines to use biodegradable lubricants. In many areas, lubricant spillages above a certain number of gallons must be reported.

Of course, compared to the strict regulations mandating the use of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) in the marine industry, the mining industry has more latitude to use non-biodegradable lubricants. However, that doesn’t prevent mining companies who take their environmental responsibilities seriously to inquire about greener alternatives.

To support sustainable green mining practices, Klüber Lubrication offers two lines of eco-friendly lubricants:

  • Klüberbio, a line that offers readily biodegradable, high-performance, non-toxic gear oils and greases.
  • Klübersustain, a new line using a base oil derived from 100% renewable resources in lubricants formulated for medium- to large-sized girth gears.

Based on formulations developed for marine and other ecologically sensitive applications, eco-friendly lubricant options are available today that won’t compromise performance, while reducing disposal costs. Plus, considering biodegradeable lubricants now will pro-actively position your mining operation to respond if legislative regulations are drafted tomorrow. (e.g. acc. to OECD, CEC, USDA).

Are you using biodegradable lubricants? Let us know by posting a comment below.

For advice about the best biodegradable lubricant options for your mining operation, talk to our application experts at KlüberEfficiencySupport.

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