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Mining & Cement ELM 44-80 ARCTIC Grease Keeps Mining Equipment Moving in the Cold Klüberplex ELM 44-80 ARCTIC grease maintains excellent COF and pumpability as low as -58⁰F (-50⁰C)

Klüberplex ELM 44-80 ARCTIC grease is formulated with a base oil that has the highest viscosity in the arctic-low-temperature grease category, with a blend of graphite and molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) additives. This combination provides outstanding wear performance without sacrificing low temperature pumpability, allowing one lubricant to cover an entire season to simplify maintenance and reduce the number of lubricants needed in the mine.


  • Outstanding coefficient of friction (COF) with excellent pumpability at temperatures as low as -58⁰F (-50⁰C), even in centralized lubrication systems
  • Continued wear protection at temperatures up to 86⁰F (30⁰C) due to high base oil viscosity
  • High-tech additives for an impressive 800kgf weld load value on the Four Ball extreme pressure tester
  • Excellent load-carrying capacity, even in the presence of moisture due to MoS2 and graphite combination
  • Good adhesion to vertical surfaces

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