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Marine Supreme Engineering Combined with Tribological Expertise

The Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas is a vertical-lift bridge built of concrete and steel. Opened in May 2013, it links the Bacalan and La Bastide districts of the city of Bordeaux, which are situated on opposite banks of the Garonne. At 1,421 feet long and a maximum of 141 feet wide, it is the longest vertical-lift bridge in Europe. It provides two lanes for cars in each direction, as well as paths for pedestrians and bicycles on each side. Two additional lanes in the middle of the bridge are reserved for public transport. The bridge’s 384-foot long middle section can be lifted to allow large vessels, such as cruise ships, to enter and exit the Atlantic Port of Bordeaux. The bridge takes about 11 minutes to reach its lifting height of 174 feet, which occurs about 120 times per year.

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