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Marine Klüberbio AM 12-501: Adhesive EAL Grease Sticks To Tug And Barge Couplings To Reduce Water Washout

Given the importance of selecting a performance lubricant for the coupling system that allows two vessels to stay connected while pitching independently, Klüberbio AM 12-501 is an adhesive EAL grease designed specifically for the large plain bearings, rams and connectors used in ATB coupling systems.

Klüberbio AM 12-501 grease is made with a synthetic biodegradable ester base oil and an adhesive formulation that adheres to couplings to reduce wear and water washout for longer relubrication intervals. It also meets OEM specifications for pumpability, corrosion protection and much more.

Operators may be able to reduce their current lubricant consumption based on the improved performance of the fully synthetic base oil, thickener and additive package contained in Klüberbio AM 12-501 compared to their current lubricant. This would reduce expenses and improve safety for the crew as fewer kegs would need to be carried below deck where the lubrication pumps are typically located.


  • Reduces relubrication costs and lowers consumption because of longer relubrication intervals
  • Applies easily and evenly to the plain bearing and ram due to pumpability through lubricant distribution blocks
  • Simplifies lubricant transition thanks to full compatibility with existing mineral-oil-based ATB coupling system lubricants
  • Lowers environmental impact due to biodegradable base oil that meets EPA 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP) requirements for minimal toxicity and bioaccumulation

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