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Knowledge Center The Benefits of PFPE Oils and Greases

Known for their stable, nonflammable and non-reactive properties, PFPE oils and greases provide excellent high-temperature performance for many industries, including: automotive, aerospace, electronics, chemicals, textiles, plastics and food and beverage.

How They Work

Greases based on PFPE base oils are paired with a PTFE thickener. They are inert and generally regarded as neutral towards most elastomers and plastics. The thermal stability of these unique lubricants withstand operating temperatures up to 572 degrees F (300 degrees C). Many PFPE products from Klüber Lubrication are also NSF H1 registered for use in food processing and packaging equipment.

We’ve been manufacturing extremely durable PFPE oils and greases for more than 50 years, and has a ready inventory available to meet immediate needs.


  • High-temperature stability – Some can provide protection up to 300⁰C.
  • Low temperature performance – Certain PFPE lubricants can still provide protection at temperatures as low as -80⁰C.
  • Very High Viscosity Index – This means that the base oil viscosity has a very low change in viscosity as temperature changes.
  • Chemically Inertness – They do not react with aggressive chemicals and are compatible with most elastomers and plastics. Some are approved for use on applications for oxygen service.
  • Non-Toxicity – Some are NSF H1 registered (“food grade”) and are safe for use in food processing applications.
  • Excellent Vapor Pressure – This means that they have very limited outgassing even in a vacuum environment.

Product Lines

Klüber Lubrication offers more than 70 PFPE products under the BARRIERTA, Klüberalfa and Klübertemp brand names.

  • BARRIERTA: This family of lubricants is recommended by numerous OEMs and they are specified on many lubrication charts in various industries.
  • Klüberalfa: These products are for the most demanding applications, that are beyond the state-of-the-art and require extreme performance.
  • Klübertemp: Klübertemp lubricants provide the benefits of PFPE technology for a variety of applications, in many industries.

Using PFPEs: Industries and Examples

Industry Applications Benefits
Aerospace Valves, O-rings, & instrumentation Extreme Temperature Range; Low Vapor Pressure
Automotive (On Car) Switches & Actuators Lifetime Lubrication; Plastic & Elastomer Compatibility
Automotive (In Plant) Paint Line Conveyors High-Temperature Resistance; Chemically Inert
Pulp & Paper Corrugator Roll Bearings High-Temperature Resistance; Corrosion protection
Textile Tenter Frame Chains Long life at high temperatures
Plastics Blown Film Die Head Long life at high temperatures
Food Processing Baking Ovens Long life at high temperatures; NSF H1 (Food Grade) Certification
Chemicals Oxygen Valves & Vacuum Pumps Chemical Stability/Resistance; BAM Certification
Electronics Semiconductor manufacturing, Clean Rooms, Electrical Contacts Low Vapor Pressure; Chemical Stability/Resistance; Thermal Stability
Rubber Tire Segmented Molds Long life at high temperatures; Extended Lubrication Cycles
Power Generation Exhaust Fan Bearings Long life at high temperatures; Extended Lubrication Cycles; Chemical Stability/Resistance

The extensive portfolio of Klüber Lubrication PFPE products are available globally. Contact one of our PFPE experts for more information.


Klubertemp GR AR 555 – Tire

Klübertemp GR AR 555 – Textile

Klübertemp GR AR 555 – Corruogator

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