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Knowledge Center Specialty grease for drinking water valves and non-metallic material combinations UNISILKON LCA 3801 is a special lubricating grease for valves and fittings in sanitary applications.

Klϋber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, offers UNISILKON LCA 3801, a special lubricating grease that is neutral in odor and taste for valves and fittings in sanitary applications, like drinking water valves.

Based on silicone oil and a calcium soap, this grease provides effective wetting in narrow lubricating gaps and friction points that are difficult to reach. Additionally, UNISILKON LCA 3801 offers a good sealing effect and good viscosity, allowing it to achieve uniform operational smoothness with cold or hot water.

UNISILKON LCA 3801 is DGW-KTW, NSF 61 and ACS approved for use in all friction points exposed to water or in permanent contact with drinking water.

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