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Knowledge Center Klübermatic Single Point Automatic Lubricator Eliminates Guesswork – and Failures

  • Ensures an uninterrupted supply of fresh lubricant to each friction point to extend equipment reliability, minimize manual lubrication, and improve operational uptime.
  • The Klübermatic system reliably delivers the correct amount of lubricant at the correct interval over the lifetime of the applicator to reduce bearing temperature and temperature spikes that may occur due to under-lubrication, reducing wear and increasing bearing life.

Challenge: Premature bearing failure due to inadequate manual or traditional lubrication methods

With traditional or manual lubrication methods, over 55 percent of bearing failures can be attributed to insufficient lubricant application, improper lubricant for the application, or lubricant that has aged and no longer provides protection. Furthermore, over-lubrication can occur when the lubricant is being applied, which leads to seal failures and excessive friction. Or if the lubrication intervals are too long or missed, under-lubrication can result in excessive wear rates.

Solution: Consistent lubrication with a Klübermatic Single Point Automatic Lubricator


To accomplish consistent, self-generated delivery of lubricants at single or multiple lubrication points, Klüber Lubrication partnered with perma-tec to develop the Klübermatic single point automatic lubrication system (SPAL). Depending on the size of the applicator and the lubrication requirements, the Klübermatic delivery system can overcome the limits of manual lubrication by automatically discharging the correct level of grease or oil for up to 12 months, and in some instances, up to 24 months.

Selecting the right lubricant is critical to maximizing the output of your equipment while minimizing operational costs. The first step in selecting the best lubricant for a given application is to define the tribological system. In today’s environment, a lubricant that combines ecological and economic advantages is vital to the success of your operation. Klüber Lubrication works closely with component manufacturers to extend service intervals, lengthen component lifetime and increase operational reliability while meeting regulatory and market demands.

Klübermatic Star Vario on radial fans.

In the food-processing industry for example, lubrication has an effect on food safety as well as on operating costs and productivity. Klüber Lubrication offers a comprehensive range of synthetic high-performance lubricants for the food sector. Several of them can also be obtained in a single point lubricator for clean, reliable and economical lubrication. This is particularly beneficial with regard to stringent hygiene requirements. Most of these lubricants are registered as NSF H1 and certified under ISO 21469, and as halal and kosher.

Multipurpose lubricants cannot provide satisfactory service in current demanding environments regardless of industry.


The Klübermatic reliably delivers the correct amount of lubricant at the correct interval over the lifetime of the applicator to reduce bearing temperature and temperature spikes that may occur due to under lubrication. By enabling best-practice preventative maintenance routines, it eliminates much of the hassle of planning and scheduling manual lubrication—saving labor and enhancing plant safety.

Automatic lubrication reduces the risk of accessing lubrication points in confined spaces and hard-to-reach locations. Hazardous locations are no longer a monthly or weekly concern. In fact, lube intervals can be extended from weekly or monthly to semi-annual or annual periods to reduce the risk of exposure to personnel. For example in an incineration plant, the Klubermatic device reduced lubrication frequency from a weekly to an annual interval, reducing the risk exposure by 98%. For a coal power plant, lubrication frequency went from 26 times per year to once a year, reducing the exposure risk by 96%.

Total man-hours required to maintain equipment are reduced as each lubrication point only needs to be accessed when the Klübermatic device is exchanged or during routine inspections. Consequently, maintenance staff are freed to focus on improving reliability in other parts of the plant. Automatic lubrication also reduces the risk of accessing lubrication points in confined spaces and hard-to-reach locations.

Types of Klübermatics:

The Klübermatic line includes both electro-chemical and electromechanical drive systems. Each device is configured with a drive system, piston, and lubrication canister filled with correct lubricant for the specific application—with accessories available to meet specific installation requirements.


System capacity ranges between 30cc and 500cc of lubricating grease or oil depending on the Klübermatic model. The discharge period is determined by the movement of the internal piston. Controlling piston pressure in electro-chemical units or lubrication intervals in electro-mechanical units delivers the proper amount of lubricant over the discharge period.


The Klübermatic device can be directly mounted to the grease fitting or it can be remotely mounted using brackets and tubing. At the end of the discharge period, depending on the type of drive used, the complete unit is removed, disposed of and replaced with a new unit (electro-chemical) or the lubrication canister and batteries are replaced and the drive unit is reused (electro-mechanical).

Klübermatic SPAL installed on a lifeboat davit provides reliable lubrication in a difficult-to-reach location.


Correct installation and lubricant choice are essential for maximizing the benefits of the Klübermatic SPAL. Each Klübermatic installation begins with an application survey by the Klüber Lubrication and perma-tec engineering team and continues with installation support and periodic operational reviews. During the survey, the team will identify the opportunities for automatic lubricators, the installation design, and the lubrication requirements. Klübermatics can be used in all areas where interacting surfaces in relative motion are subject to friction, poor lubrication, contamination, and wear. Applications can include motors, pumps, compressors, fans, and virtually any other motion component using bearings; including conveyors, propellers, and winches.

The unique features of the Klübermatic program include controlled and metered delivery of the correct lubricant, automatic lubrication systems engineered to meet the specific requirements of the application, and the combined installation and after sales support by the combined engineering team. Klübermatics provide the operator with peace of mind against failure in critical operations exposed to dust, weather, and other stressful conditions.

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