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Knowledge Center High-temperature oil for sliding chain systems

Klϋber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, has introduced Klübersynth CHZ 2-225, a fully synthetic high-temperature oil developed for sliding chain systems in biaxial high-speed film stenters, where oven temperatures may be higher than 200°C.

The use of Klübersynth CHZ 2-225 can extend maintenance intervals and reduce the cost of maintenance operations. This special chain oil offers an ideal solution for the continuous operation of film stenters. Machine uptime and energy costs are important considerations for film stenter operators in order to secure profitable production and as a result, chain oil selection is critical. Residue build-up can prevent penetration of lubricant to the critical friction points, including the chain pins and the guide rails. This may lead to higher friction, requiring more lubricant, which could in turn lead to further contamination, making premature cleaning of the whole machine necessary; a costly and time-consuming procedure. Downtime is inevitable, leading to less machine availability.

Klübersynth CHZ 2-225 is composed of an ester base oil containing special additives to reduce the adhesion of residues in the chain system. As a result, the friction points can be supplied with sufficient lubricant for many months, or even years. Premature cleaning is no longer necessary and intervals between residue-induced maintenance operations increases. The oil can also cope with long-term operation at high speeds.

Klübersynth CHZ 2-225 offers film stenter operators a cost-effective lubricant that provides optimum performance with higher machine time availability resulting in increased profitability.

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