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Knowledge Center High-Performance Specialty Lubricants for the Wood Pellet Industry Using the right specialty lubricants in the wood pellet industry improves equipment efficiency in high temperatures and protects against wear.

Lubricants used in the wood pellet industry must withstand high temperatures and aggressive media while being resistant to high loading. Reason enough for you to use one of our specialty lubricants. We offer products that meet your requirements and make your plants more efficient.

Wood pellet presses

Lubricants in wood pellet presses must withstand vibrations, high loads, high humidity and high temperatures. Choosing the right lubricant determines the performance and reliability of your operations. Our high-performance greases for roller bearings reliably seal the component. This ensures extended bearing life and maintenance intervals, reducing grease consumption and associated costs.

Continuous presses

In continuous presses for wood panel production, temperatures as high as 260 C may occur. Standard oils aren’t enough for lubricating steel belts, chains and bending rods. Instead, you need a high-performance specialty lubricant that is not only resistant to high temperatures but also protects reliably against wear while minimizing residues.

Our new oils reduce the power expenditure of your machines and improve their efficiency even at very high temperatures. Our high-performance lubricants also show low evaporation losses and do not form varnish build-up on the steel belts, avoiding smoke formation during production while reducing your oil consumption.

Your trusted wood-processing partner

We have been working with equipment OEMs and operators in the wood pellet industry for many years. Our product range contains a wide selection of specialty lubricants that we developed in close cooperation with them. Based on our insight and experience, we continuously develop new lubricants designed to solve your toughest challenges.


  • Better wear protection, even at high temperatures and in applications subject to aggressive media
  • Low evaporation loss for reduced oil consumption
  • Higher reliability and longer service life of lubricated parts

Learn more about our high-temperature oils for continuous wood presses.

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