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Knowledge Center Get More From Your Gearbox Our high-performance gear oils improve efficiency in a wide range of applications and industries.

Today’s gears are expected to do more than ever. On one hand, gears of all performance grades are expected to handle ever-growing power and torque. On the other hand, they are also designed to be smaller and lighter. This combination requires new gear designs, new materials, improved surface treatment and modern production techniques. It also requires lubrication that can meet the challenge.

It’s critical to partner with experts who understand the tough demands this increased power-to-weight ratio places on lubricants. That’s why we specifically engineered our mineral and synthetic gear oils to exceed these demands. They protect machines and prevent wear, even under high gear temperatures.

Choose the oil that solves your challenges

Our expanded gear oil portfolio includes advanced food-grade and nonfood-grade oils. These high-performance oils are designed to optimize gearbox performance across a wide range of applications. The food and beverage, pharmaceutical and automotive industries are just a few of many that can benefit from their use.

These oils include mineral-based and synthetic PAO-based lubricants. They’re intended for use in equipment with general industrial spur, bevel, hypoid and planetary gears subject to both normal and heavy loads.

Reduce maintenance costs in food processing

Two of our gear oils are registered as NSF H1 lubricants for incidental contact with food, making them ideal for food-processing applications.

Klüberoil NH1 G 1 US Series

  • White-mineral-oil-based food-grade gear oil
  • Ideal for lubrication of production equipment in beverage canning, bottling, meat and poultry processing, dairy operations, fruit and vegetable processing, bakeries and pharmaceutical plants
  • Optimized antioxidant additives prolong oil life

Klüberoil NH1 G 4 US Series

  • PAO-based food-grade gear oil
  • Ideal for lubrication of gears in the food service and packaging industries
  • Excellent oxidation resistance extends relubrication intervals

Increase efficiency through advanced protection

Our two Klübersynth gear oils have excellent oxidation resistance that extends relubrication intervals while their advanced formulations improve gear efficiency. Both have good compatibility towards NBR and FKM sealing materials and are miscible with mineral oil.

Klübersynth G 4 Series

  • PAO-based R&O gear oil
  • Excellent antifoaming performance
  • Great high-temperature stability

Klübersynth EG 4 Series

  • PAO-based EP gear oil
  • Ideal for lubrication of heavily loaded spur, bevel and planetary gears
  • Meets API Gl-4 for scuffing protection against high peak loads, vibrations and oscillations

Improve component performance beyond gears

Our Klüberoil MEG gear oils benefit applications beyond gears.

Klüberoil MEG 1 US Series

  • Multipurpose mineral-based EP gear oil
  • Benefits applications beyond gears
  • Can be used to lubricate bearings, couplings, chains and more

Extend the life of your gearbox — and machines

The increased power-to-weight ratio of today’s gears requires more from a lubricant. Using the right one makes a big difference. Extend gearbox life, improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs with our gear oils.

Download our flyer for more details about our industrial and food-grade gear oils.


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