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Food & Beverage Revolutionize Your Packaging Line Efficiency Food-grade Klüberplus C2 PM2 Ultra Dry conveyor belt lubricant outperforms every other solution in the market.

When it comes to your packaging line, downtime hurts your numbers. To achieve your ultimate production output, you need superior conveyor lubrication. Klüberplus C2 PM2 Ultra Dry increases line efficiency and lowers operational costs.

  • Unmatched coefficient of friction increases line speeds.
  • Increased packaging stability reduces downtime.
  • Less residue accumulation and a built-in cleaning agent reduce the need for cleaning.
  • Dry lubricants ensure work surfaces stay dry and improve workplace safety.
  • Decreased need for harsh cleaning agents, water benefits your workers’ health as well as safety and the environment.

All of this means more uptime, reduced maintenance cost and better sustainability—and your packaging line performing at an entirely new level.

Learn more about the benefits of Klüberplus C2 PM2 Ultra Dry. We’ve got a calculator to help determine your production output and an ebook packed with great information. Discover how optimal conveyor lubrication helps you improve your operational efficiency.

For more product details, including application notes, download the product data sheet.

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