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Food & Beverage Protect Oven Chains and Support Food Safety with Klüberfood NH1 CH 6-120 SUPREME

Klüberfood NH1 CH 6-120 SUPREME is a food-grade lubricant with solids that provides advanced protection for oven chains even at extreme temperatures, while supporting the path to food safety. Unlike other lubricants that begin to evaporate at 500 to 600⁰F (260-315°C), leaving residue behind, the solid particles in Klüberfood NH1 CH 6-120 SUPREME instead become impregnated into the chain, providing continued protection and substantially extending lubrication intervals.


  • Extends lubrication intervals for oven chains used to produce tortillas, breads, pizza dough and other baked goods
  • NSF H1 registration supports food safety and process reliability
  • Protects conveyor chains exposed to extreme temperatures, even up to 1200°F (650°C)
  • ISO 21469 certification verifies lubricant manufacturing and packaging using fully hygienic standards

Learn how Klüberfood NH1 CH 6-120 SUPREME provides food-grade protection of oven chains even at extreme temperatures by downloading our white paper.

Learn more in this infographic.

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