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Food & Beverage Capping Machine Runs Smoothly with Klüber PARALIQ 91 Spray


A leading manufacturer of machinery used for rotary screw capping was having problems with lubricant dripping and sagging when applied to screw capping heads, slides and knobs. As a result, their end user customers were complaining about lube intervals being too frequent. In fact, lubrication had to occur every eight hours. The stoppage time amounted to 562 hours a year, resulting in a production loss of 15,000,000 bottles per year.

Capping machine extends lubrication intervals 300% with PARALIQ 91 Spray.


The answer proved to be Klüber PARALIQ 91, a food-grade lubricant used in an adhesive formulation that reduces dripping and sagging. The PARALIQ 91 lubricant was easily applied from a can equipped with a special spraying valve. The lubricant’s adhesive properties withstood the high-speed rotational forces of the machinery, keeping more lubricant on the components for a longer time to decrease wear.


Applying PARALIQ 91 lubricant provided several advantages:

  • Increased lubrication maintenance interval from 8 to 24 hours, which reduced stoppage time from 562 to 187 hours per year
  • Increased throughput by 10,000,000 bottles per year
  • NSF H1 and NSF 3H registered product supporting process reliability
  • Neutral in taste and odor to maintain product quality

Available in a convenient food-grade spray, PARALIQ 91 lubricant provides adhesive properties that extend lubricant intervals to satisfy capping-machine customers desiring maximum throughput.

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