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Food & Beverage Avoid Drips with Klübersynth NH1 4-68 Foam Spray

Klübersynth NH1 4-68 Foam Spray is an NSF H1 food-grade synthetic oil-based lubricant with an adhesive foam formulation that adheres to friction points to reduce wear and maintain hygiene.

The adhesive properties of the foam enable easy overhead application without the dripping of conventional oils that can contaminate surrounding surfaces and components. The combination of foam and oil allows the oil to reach the exact lubrication point due to capillary action. Consequently, Klübersynth NH1 4-68 Foam Spray exhibits good lubrication and wear protection properties regardless of its low viscosity.


  • Excellent adhesiveness ensures good lubrication effect and reduced wear
  • NSF H1 registration supports food safety and process reliability
  • Adhesive foam combination enables easy application — even overhead — without dripping
  • Clear penetration of the lubricant to the friction point due to capillary action

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