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Automotive Klübersynth RA 44-702 and RA 44-3502 Help Reduce Noise Between Automotive Materials

Klübersynth RA 44-702 and RA 44-3502 are fully synthetic greases featuring high viscosity to provide mechanical damping to reduce noise between slowly moving parts.

Made from raw materials that do not contain silicone, these greases are preferably used for plastic/plastic and plastic/metal material pairings. Applications include mechanical switches and rotary controls, ventilation flaps, sun visors, cup holders, storage boxes, window lifter guide rails, armrest and seat adjustment mechanisms (vertical and horizontal) and sunroofs.


  • Formulated for versatility with silicone-free raw materials for automotive interior parts comprised of plastic/plastic and plastic/metal material pairings
  • Easy to apply with a grease gun, brush, spatula or automatic lubrication system
  • Simplifies quality inspection by containing a UV indicator for UV detection of placement
  • Withstands temperature extremes from 266°F (130°C) to -40°F (-40°C) or lower

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