Артикулен №: 099118 High-temperature lubricating compound

WOLFRACOAT C FLUID is a viscous high-temperature release agent and lubricating compound based on a mineral and ester oil mixture. It contains solid lubricants, metal pigments and an inorganic thickener. The base fluid starts to evaporate at approx. 200°C, leaving a solid lubricant film, which separates frictional surfaces (dry lubrication).


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Very good corrosion protection → increased component lifetime

  • Ready-for-use → just mix vigorously

  • Low consumption → low costs, high efficiency

  • Easy application → reduces maintenance time

  • Easier to mix in smaller canisters → less effort required

  • No part-used stock → the 5 l pack size matches the tank of the Klübermatic KD spray pump

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