Артикулен №: 067111 Special high-temperature oil for conveyor chains in biaxial film stretching machines

Film stretching machines normally operate continuously. In view of these demanding operating conditions the chain oil is of critical importance to the equipment's economic efficiency. PRIMIUM SUPER M 93 has been designed to comply with these stringent production requirements.

The additives contained in PRIMIUM SUPER M 93 focus on:

  • low chain wear with reduced friction values

  • low rail wear with reduced friction values

  • good oxidation stability at high temperatures

  • low evaporation losses at high temperatures

  • minimum change in viscosity at the friction point during longer periods of standstill

  • low residue formation

  • good pumpability in central lubrication systems

Owing to its unique composition, PRIMIUM SUPER M 93 offers the following advantages to operators of film stretching equipment:

  • low operating costs

  • low maintenance costs due to longer service life of chains

  • high economic efficiency due to the high availability of the installation, high speeds and quality of the produced film at constant production conditions


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Reduced chain wear resulting in longer service lifetime

  • Energy related cost savings from reduced friction effect

  • Lower oil consumption due to high oxidation stability and low evaporation losses at higher temperatures

  • Low residue formation results in simplified maintenance procedures

  • Excellent performance under high chain speeds and temperatures

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