OCA - Nachbestellset

Артикулен №: 999349 Laboratory analysis for used oil condition analysis

Oil condition analyses made in Klüber Lubrication laboratories provide information on several aspects of an oil's current condition, including appearance, viscosity, ageing, water content and, if required, content of solid matter. Oil condition analysis includes infrared spectroscopy, an analysis of the additives as well as metal particles in the sample. The result of the analysis is summarised in a standardised, compact report describing the condition of the oil.

The analytical evaluation is shown with the following pictograms:

  • Green frame, green tick: The oil quality is within the permissible limits and is fit for further use.

  • Yellow frame, magnifying glass: The quality of the oil is within tolerable limits but shows deviations from the expected condition for its age. Machine inspection or general monitoring is strongly recommended. A recommendation for further action, e.g. a repeated analysis, is also made.

  • Red frame, oil container: The oil is no longer fit for use. An oil change should be performed.

OCA - Nachbestellset

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • OCA - Oil Condition Analysis

    • The analysis describes the current condition of an oil

  • Reliability

    • Regular analyses reduce failure risk of expensive components or systems

  • Highly effective

    • Useful life of lubricant is maximised

  • Convenience of use

    • Kit for sampling and dispatch; standardised, compact and comprehensible report including recommendations

  • Product expertise at Klüber Lubrication

    • Professional interpretation of results

  • Structured system

    • Test results promptly after receipt

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