Артикулен №: 028087 Plastic depot lubricant for sintered metal plain bearings

MIKROZELLA DB 47-62 is a plastic silicone oil reservoir for the additional lubrication of sintered metal plain bearings impregnated with compatible silicone oils like Klüberbeta DB 7-68.

MIKROZELLA DB 47-62 is applied to the outside of the impregnated sintered metal plain bearing. During operation of the bearing, the depot lubricant continuously releases oil into the pores of the bearing, thus improving sustainably the lubrication of components. Therefore, the expected lifetime is significantly increased compared to sintered bearings without lubricant depot.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Significantly extends the service life of sintered metal plain bearings impregnated with silicone oil

  • Simple, clean and fully automatic application; good adhesion; no additional fixing of the oil depot necessary

  • Proven successful in applications which have to cover wide service temperature ranges

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