Klübertop TP 42 N A/BKomp. A

Артикулен №: 099203 Two-component bonded coating for metal components

Klübertop TP 42 N A-B is a thermosetting, two-component, black-coloured bonded coating. It has an organic binder containing PTFE-free wear protection additives.

Klübertop TP 42 N A-B reduces friction and wear in metal/metal combinations. It has a particularly high level of wear resistance and a relatively high friction coefficient for a bonded coating. For this reason, the combination of Klübertop TP 42 N A-B as a base coat and Klübertop TP 41 N or Klübertop TP 39 N A-B as a surface layer lead to particularly high component performance. The two components have been de-signed for “wet-on-wet” spray application, which means that the second layer can be applied before the first one has dried.

This bonded coating can be used for high mechano-dynamic loads as well as with high temperatures.

Klübertop TP 42 N A-B excels due to its excellent high wear resistance plus good adhesion on steel and aluminium surfaces.

The bonded coating is liquid and delivered in a ready-to-use viscosity. It contains an inflammable solvent mixture (former hazard category A II) which evaporates during curing.

Once applied and hardened the bonded coating forms a dry lubricating layer which is active across a wide service temperature range. It shows very good chemical resistance and good corrosion protection.

Klübertop TP 42 N A/BKomp. A

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Good component performance achieved

    • through very good wear resistance

    • through very good chemical resistance

    • through delayed tribo-corrosion

    • for a wide service temperature

    • particularly when applied in a double layer system together with Klübertop TP N 41 A-B

    • as layers of a thickness of up to 40 μm can be applied

  • Lubricated clean and dry surfaces

    • no contamination or lubricant loss

    • no adhesive bonding effect of lubricated components

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