Klübertop TG 04-1121

Артикулен №: 099133 Bonded coating for sheet titanium and special steel

Cost pressure is constantly rising, as is the industry's demand for components offering optimised quality. To attain a higher quality in sheet titanium and special steel components, especially with regard to the calibration of hollow body halves and half-collars for exhaust pipes at very high temperatures, we developed the bonded coating Klübertop TG 04-1121.

Our objective is to offer you a dry lubricant for the efficient processing of sheet titanium and special steel components.

Klübertop TG 04-1121 is a high-performance bonded coating based on graphite and a high-temperature binder. The bonded coating is supplied as a ready-to-use fluid. The product provides good wetting when applied to metal surfaces. Upon hardening, a dry, adhesive coating forms that is resistant to high pressure.

Klübertop TG 04-1121

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Good adhesion to titanium and special steel surfaces

  • Good wear protection due to resistance to high pressure

  • Lubricant and release agent combined in a single product

  • Die and punch life can be extended

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