Klübertop SK 01-205

Артикулен №: 099127 Special lubricant for high demands

Klübertop SK 01-205 is a new special lubricant for high demands and loads. It has a synthetic base, contains water, is whitish in colour and turbid, and can be diluted with tap water. The lubricating film stays almost dry in the temperature range between – 40 and + 50 °C. Above 50°C the lubricating film changes to a soft, wax-like structure. It can easily tolerate more than 150 °C for several hundred hours. This special lubricant has good lubricating properties. It is especially effective in the case of mixed or boundary friction and has above average anticorrosion properties. It is also very effective against tribocorrosion.

Klübertop SK 01-205

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Against stick slip

  • Low friction coefficient

  • Above-average corrosion protection

  • Against cold welding

  • Reduces wear

  • Minimizes friction

  • Easy application

  • Against fretting wear

  • Anticorrosion properties

  • Against fretting corrosion

  • No tribocorrosion

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