Klübersynth LEH 14-161

Артикулен №: 004329 Special synthetic grease for worm gears in chassis application

As a manufacturer of vehicles or automotive components you rely on high-performance lubrication solutions enabling you to meet stringent customers' requirements throughout the vehicle's lifetime. Our fully synthetic special lubricating greases Klübersynth LE 14-161 and LEH 14-161, which were especially developed for worm gears, help to meet these increasing performance requirements. The greases deliver particularly good results when used in steering column worm gears. Klübersynth LE 14-161 and LEH 14-161 consist of a synthetic base oil and an aluminium complex soap. They excel in particular in terms of low friction coefficients and by enabling high gear efficiency. Klübersynth LEH 14-161 can also be used at elevated temperatures due to its special raw materials.

Klübersynth LEH 14-161

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Special lubricant design offers major benefits for worm gears with a high share of sliding friction

  • Energy savings due to low friction coefficients and optimised gear efficiency in steel-plastic material combinations

  • Reliable lubricant film formation in the friction zone due to high base oil viscosity

  • Wide service temperature range due to specially selected raw materials

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